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Ukrainian border guards replaced Lukashenka’s flags with BCHB flags

Employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine (SPSU) replaced the red-green flag of the Lukashenko regime on the border with Belarus with the national flag of the Belarusian people – white-red-white.

The local STV channel has already reacted to the change of the flag, filming a story about it, in which it was outraged by the act of the Ukrainian side.

“Approximately two months ago, a white-red-white flag was also hoisted next to the national flag of Ukraine at the checkpoint. And it should be noted that the Ukrainians also hung white-red-white flags at the adjacent checkpoints on the Brest Border Group’s site,” complained the official representative of the Brest Border Group Serhii Dmitriev.

The white-red-white flag is the historical national symbol of Belarus, and was the state flag until the 1995 referendum, as a result of which it was replaced.

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